Essaywriting the LitWits Way

Essay writing shouldn’t be intimidating!

It’s just a written way to speak your mind, supported with strong examples. Once you’ve learned the basic structure, it’s fun and confidence-building to hear your thoughts laid out so well — and it’ll help you do better in school, too!

Lisa Craddock - LitWits writing instructorBeginning and Advanced EssayWriting camps teach foundational skills. For students who have those skills down and would like to further develop their powers of articulation, we’re also offering two specialized camps:

Autobiography EssayWriting Dec 5-9, 2016   and   Narrative EssayWriting May 1-5, 2017.

And wow, look who teaches our camps! Your teens are in masterful hands with instructor Lisa Craddock, who holds BAs in Literature and Theatre, and a Master of Humanities in Film Studies with a concentration in Rhetoric (“the art of speaking and writing effectively”). Lisa has taught classes in literature, composition, and film for the University of Colorado. Her scholarship, essays, poetry, and plays have appeared in a variety of literary and academic venues.

LitWits 5-in-5 EssayWriting CampIn Beginning EssayWriting Camp for ages 8+, we’ll learn the structure of the five-paragraph essay – its importance and parts — and we’ll introduce the skill of outlining. We’ll work as a class to construct a group essay through the week, learning through discussion and fun, hands-on activities.

Every student will take home a copy of a collectively written essay, and an art project that symbolizes its content.  And lots of great memories — look how much fun this camp is!
Sold out for 2016 – back next spring!

REGISTER (BEG) Jan 30 – Feb 3, 2017

Advanced EssayWriting Camp - LitWits WorkshopsIn Advanced EssayWriting Camp for ages 10+, we’ll review the structure of the five-paragraph essay, and learn how to outline. We’ll each write our own original essay through the week, though topic selection and brainstorming will be a group activity. Everyone will share the same great pool of ideas, from which they’ll develop their individual emphases.

This will be a well-paced, fun-filled week of learning through discussion, content-symbolic art, and hands-on activities.  Sold out for 2016 – back next spring!

REGISTER (ADV) Mar 6-10, 2017

I’m finishing up two of my student’s learning records, and really appreciated that you guys even included the common core standards that were covered during your essay writing camp. Thank you very much. I am always encouraging my students to attend your wonderful classes. You guys do a fantastic job! Stephanie, Education Specialist, Ocean Grove Charter School
In both camps, kids will gain essential academic information in fun, hands-on ways:

  • dramatic activities and games that show why certain techniques work
  • sensory props to stimulate ideas and questions
  • inspiring examples for emulation
  • engaging projects that connect concepts with creative power
By these methods and with in-class practice, kids learn
  • the structure of the five-paragraph essay – its importance and parts
  • how to outline and support a strong essay
  • how to engage the audience from the start
  • the art of transitions
  • how to vary syntax with punctuation and conjunctions
  • how to elevate colloquial language to academic heights
  • proofreading tips
  • ways to expand on the five-paragraph essay
  • and more!

EssayWriting Camp aligns with these Common Core State Standards.

By special arrangement, we offer writing tutoring by our esteemed instructor, Lisa Craddock (credentials here) , at the rate of $50/hour (1 student) or $40/hour (2-3 students).  If you’re interested, please email us at 
















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