My Side of the Mountain
by Jean Craighead George

My Side of the Mountain<br/>by Jean Craighead George

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ACTIVITY IDEAS from the LitWits experience:

From the LitWits Workshops experience of MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN by Jean Craighead GeorgeWe ran away with Sam to the Catskill Mountains and learned independence, survival skills, symbols and themes, allusions, vocabulary words, and more — because we did what Sam did:

  • planned our own runaway adventures
  • sketched edible plants on bark
  • made storage pots from clay
  • imagined the characters in unique new situations
  • got our bearings in the Catskills
  • and so much more!

The LitWits Kit (EE) for Jean Craighead George's MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAINWant YOUR students to have meaningful fun with this book? Get The LitWits Kit for My Side of the Mountain!  It’s packed with creative, hands-on ways to get into the characters’ shoes:

  • sensory prop suggestions
  • unique project and activity ideas
  • templates used for projects
  • prompts and other activity aids
  • takeaway topics and questions
  • original academic handouts for creative writing, the narrative arc, vocabulary, and more (with keys)

About the Author & Book

About the Setting

Story Supplements


Audio of wind through a forest

Image of a hemlock tree

Image of a baby falcon

Image and audio of night cries of whippoorwill (have students guess the bird)

Image and audio of catbird (have students guess the bird)

Image of dogtooth violets

Image of jack-in-the-pulpit

Image of ice storm effect on a tree

Image of raccoon

Image of weasel

Audio of falcon cry, beating wings

Audio of crickets

Scent of skunk  (for purchase)

Real People and Events Mentioned in the Book

Image of 1954 atom bomb test

Image of Jesse James

Image of Henry Thoreau


Image of willow whistle

Video of willow whistle ensemble – “like wind in the top of the hemlocks”

Song “The Young Voyageur”

Wooden whistles (for purchase)

1950s New York jazz from Stan Getz (download for under a dollar, listen to free sample, or buy CD) / contrast with:
 Wind in a forest nature sounds (download, sample, or buy CD)


Video demo:  watch a grown up Sam Gribley (not really) demonstrate how to use a flint and steel to start a fire, including how to make char cloth.

Video demo: how to make a pinch pot bowl out of clay

Video demo:  how to carve a willow whistle

Wooden slide whistles (for  purchase)

Beyond the Book


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