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LitWits® Kits help you make great books fun for kids!

A LitWits Kit isn’t a study guide – it’s an experience kit!  Each one is  packed with creative, hands-on ways to get into the characters’ shoes, integrated with discussion points and academic printables. When kids experience literature in hands-on ways, they naturally learn.  And they want to read more!

It only took me one kit to completely change the way I read and teach books.
Thanks for all the depth and fun you have taught me to pull out of books I love. ~ Julie V.

Review by Metro Family   |   Review by Design Your Homeschool

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LitWits Workshops - The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White

From the LitWits experience of THE TRUMPET OF THE SWAN by E.B. White

Read our educator raves and FAQs.  We guarantee your satisfaction! NEW: See how our kits align with Common Core State Standards:

THIRD GRADE Common Core Alignment
FOURTH GRADE Common Core Alignment
FIFTH GRADE Common Core Alignment
SIXTH GRADE Common Core Alignment

Each downloadable kit includes:

  • sensory prop suggestions
  • unique project and activity ideas
  • templates used for projects
  • prompts and other activity aids
  • takeaway topics and questions
  • original academic handouts for creative writing, the narrative arc, vocabulary, and more (with keys)

Expanded Edition kits also include:

  • overview of the book and author
  • more extensive discussion guides
  • detailed directions and supply lists, with suggested resources
  • optional workshop planning and set-up tips, with a suggested agenda
Our kits can be used in multiple ways, whether you’re a homeschooler, a classroom teacher, or just a fun parent.

(They are not for commercial use, however.  See Terms of Use at the bottom of this page.)

Here are a few possibilities:
  • Break workshops into one-hour segments for in-class enrichment.
  • Use handouts for academic support.
  • Pull projects, activities, and handouts as needed to stimulate interest, reinforce a concept, or take a break from reading.
  • Use a suggested prop to trigger a conversation. Ask your kids if they know what the item is, and why it’s significant in the story. You might discover a theme together!
From the LitWits experience of TOM SAWYER by Mark Twain

From the LitWits experience of TOM SAWYER by Mark Twain

  • Casually bring up a question from a handout at recess or over dinner, and let the discussion grow from there. Take advantage of tangential learning opportunities!
  • Do the projects and activities as the book is being read, or after as a reward.
  • Use one or more prop ideas to support specific learning goals, such as spelling or social studies.
  • Have your kids research a particular prop in more depth – learn its history and usage, and write a report.
  • Enjoy the arts and crafts projects as a family, or in an after-care group.
  • Set up the book display in the classroom or living room, and invite your kids to contribute their own story-related items each day.
  • Share half-day workshops with a book club or homeschool group.
  • Spend a weekend immersing as a family.
  • Get ideas for book-themed parties.

Decide what works best for your classroom or family! Your goal is to make great books fun and memorable for kids – so they’ll want to read more.

*We find 8-12-year-olds consistently “ready to LitWit,” but we believe that you know best what your children/students are ready for, interested in, and capable of. 

From the LitWits experience of ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS by Scott O'Dell

From the LitWits experience of ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS by Scott O’Dell



Terms of Use
You are granted use of our products in download or print version as follows: You have the right of reproduction that is limited to your noncommerical use only in whatever quantity is necessary to meet your teaching needs and the learning needs of your student participants. This right extends for as long as you need the materials during which time they cannot be given to or shared with any other person(s) through any means of delivery, materially or digitally via the Internet. You have the right to store the product(s) on your computer or as hard copy in your resource file. Any misuse of these rights is in violation of copyright law. LitWits® is a registered trademark of LitWits Workshops, LLC.

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