Kids (and parents) love LitWits!

Kids (and their parents) love our local workshops!

(We take all the great things we’ve learned and done and put them in LitWits Kits, so anyone anywhere can share in our book-joy. Click here for praise about kits!)

From the LitWits experience of BLUE WILLOW by Doris Gates

BLUE WILLOW (Doris Gates) At LitWits, we don’t just learn about the Dust Bowl, adobe-making, and cotton-picking — we EXPERIENCE them!

From happy moms:

After only two workshops, my kids are hooked. LitWits is motivating, educational, and inspirational. It has been an especially valuable experience for my son who has dysgraphia. Your workshops have shown him that exploring the world of literature and writing can be fun.  I can’t thank you enough.  ~ Janet

Thanks for allowing Emmy (even at age 6!) to experience Shakespeare in what I know will be a wonderful, meaningful and memorable way. I wasn’t going to sign her up because, after all, it is Shakespeare. But she insisted. Because it’s LitWits. You guys. Can’t blame her! Many thanks in advance! ~ Shelly

I’ve been meaning to let you know what a wonderful time my kids have at LitWits! And I love reading their work, so creative and funny. They are very proud of what they accomplish in class and read it aloud to all at the dinner table that night. Whenever I have those times of doubt, like, what the heck am I doing with the kids? are they learning anything? was homeschooling the right decision? LitWits is one of the experiences that bursts into my head like a ray of light, reminding me of the absolute, unrivaled value of this school year. Thank you so much for providing such an amazing environment for the kids. It has been so much fun for me personally to embark on the adventure of each book with them, with the workshop waiting like a prize at the finish line!  p.s. This picture is a lovely summer evening memory that I thought you might enjoy and that you have encouraged in my kids…..~ Heather

[My daughter] LOVES these classes! THANKS for making this a fun, educational experience!! ~ Tamara U.

From the LitWits experience of THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS by Kenneth Grahame

THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS (Kenneth Grahame) At LitWits, we don’t just talk about the riparian setting of the story — we create (and see, smell, touch, and hear) one!

[My son and daughter] both said unequivocally: “I want to do that again.” I was worried that it might be a little too schooly for my PTSD (post-traumatic school disorder) kids–sitting in a classroom-like setting, worksheets–but you guys clearly made it fun and engaging. I especially appreciated your “We won’t make you do anything you do don’t want to do” approach, as well as going along with their quiet participation. Thank you for that. They spent the rest of the day writing and drawing on their [Anne of Green Gables handmade] slates. ..If you could keep my tree-climbing, non-writing, head-in-the-clouds little guy interested, you must be doing something right.  You’ll see us again soon.  ~ Jacki

[My son]  is an avid reader but has trouble getting interested in classics… that’s why we love LitWits! Eli S.

I just want to thank you both for an amazing experience for Emily.  She LOVED the writing workshop!  You both are so encouraging and helpful to her and make her feel very confident!  I really wish I had these experiences growing up!    ~ Courtney

Becky and Jenny’s love for literature comes alive in their classes with the students.  They bring the story to life through the various activities – craft, snack, vocabulary, explanation of the time period, information about the author, and so forth.  My three daughters have enjoyed each class they have participated in.  All three have come away with a better understanding of the book, the story’s message, and a deeper appreciation for literature.  These classes are a great addition to our home school experience.  ~ Robin

From the LItWits experience of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (Roald Dahl)

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (Roald Dahl) At LitWits, we don’t just talk about what the poor Buckets ate for dinner — we EAT it!

[I think my young son] will eagerly join in the other LitWits fun activities you provide as he LOVES being around other kids and has been reading your selections. Oh, what a difference it has made for him knowing he will get to attend a LitWits workshop this year:) ~ Sarah

Thank you so much for everything! My girls LOVED it. They can’t wait till the next one. ~ Jennie

We are so thankful to you for offering a wonderful, enriching year of fabulous workshops! Just this morning Hannah was asking [her little brother] Jack some discussion questions after reading to him, explaining, “this is just as we do in LitWits Jack, so, well, you know, you can get the most from a story!”  Thank you sweet ladies for an AMAZING year of workshops and inspiring our girl to read the classics :) ~ Sarah

Not only are my kids taking this amazing class from two amazing women, and […] spending those hours with some of their best friends, but our homeschool charter is paying for the classes!  It could not be more ideal.  ~ Lisa

[My daughter]  just LOVES your workshops! She had a great time. I’m so happy because she really doesn’t like reading.  Because she loves your workshops she doesn’t mind doing the reading.   ~ Jennifer

From happy kids:

FOLLOW MY LEADER (James B. Garfield) At LitWits, we don’t just explain what Braille is — we USE it! We even had a real guide dog in this workshop.

Every time I go to LitWits, afterwards, I think “THIS is the best one yet!” and then the next time I say the same thing! I can’t pick a favorite! – Katie, 9

I think LitWits is the best workshop ever! My favorite parts about LitWits are the crafts, the books that you guys choose, the writing, and I really like being with friends. – Sophia, 9

The activities, people, and everything there make me want to stay all day long. It is so much fun and everyone has a good time. ~ Krista, 12

I look forward to each class I can go to.  I can’t wait for the next one!  ~ Erica, 11

Very fun… they help me to understand the book better…. I like the variety of the activities around the book.  ~ Jessica, 14

Me and my mom are all’s welling, and I enjoyed King Solomon’s Mines very much.  I am DYING to go to LitWits next week, for the weeks between seem so long. ~ Paris, 10

From happy captains:

Thanks for the box that your group sent to our Soldiers. I have read each letter from the children and smiled each time. It is great that your group has such a passion for educating a new generation in the study of classical literature. Like your husband, I am a civilian pastor back in Mississippi. I responded to a call to join our Army National Guard to help with the shortage of Chaplains that the military was facing. I didn’t realize I would be involved in so many types of ministries in the Army and the demands are great. Groups like yours will never know how much joy you give with a letter, a box and your prayers. I didn’t know until I received such gifts. I will try to make sure that each child receives a letter back, however, I warn you that it may take a while due to the limited postal services that we have. Once again thank you.


John Branning CPT, CH 1-185th AHB NIPR 845-6883 SIPR 242-1690 “For a time such as this”














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