Experiential Literature Workshops

From the LitWits experience of Jules Verne's <i> Journey to the Center of the Earth</i>

From the LitWits experience of Jules Verne’s
Journey to the Center of the Earth

A  LitWits® workshop is a hands-on, memorable experience of a great book. Kids ages 7-13 arrive having already read some version of the story, and for three hours we experience it together in all kinds of sensory ways.  Check out the fabulous books we’re LitWitting next!


Our “straight-from-the-pages” props, activities and creative projects are carefully planned to naturally convey key academic information such as theme, narrative arc, character development, historical and geographical contexts, vocabulary, writing skills, and more. There’s no pressure to perform or participate– we want to inspire your kids to read great books.

“LitWits is motivating, educational, and inspirational . . . Your workshops have shown [my son] that exploring the world of literature and writing can be fun. I can’t thank you enough.”

LitWits is a lot of fun – kids who love to read are thrilled at the chance to soak up more of a book , and kids who don’t like to read (or write) are inspired by the pleasure we take in “experiencing” the story. Who wouldn’t want to write, when a master writer has just showed us the power of words in a story, and we’ve just LIVED that story in so many sensory ways?

Visit our YouTube channel and our gallery for glimpses of the fun, and our Praise page to read what parents think.

“[My daughter] absolutely loves attending. They are hands down her favorite school activities she’s ever done, and I appreciate that very much.”

If you live in the Bay Area and would like your child to attend an original LitWits workshop, please see our calendar to find out what books we’ll be experiencing soon.  Sign up here  to get updates about new offerings.  Homeschoolers are always happy to learn that we’re an approved vendor for five-county Ocean Grove Charter School.  We look forward to meeting you!

If you’d like to share great books in hands-on ways yourself, take a look at our LitWits Kits!  

Workshop Details

How it Works:  Each three-hour workshop focuses on a single work of classic literature that the children have read before the workshop. (Heavily abridged and audio versions are perfectly acceptable, and we don’t have age restrictions – as a parent, you know best what your child is ready for, interested in, and capable of. We do recommend against viewing a movie version, which often differs from the text in significant ways, and which precludes a child’s own vision.) Though we encourage completion of the book before the workshop, it’s not necessary in order to enjoy our immersive activities.

Time and Place: Workshops are held on scheduled Wednesdays or Thursdays (your choice) from 9a-12p for ages 7+ and 1p-4p for ages 10+. (10+ kids can attend a 7+ workshop, but not the other way around.) We hold our workshops at 350 Mission Street, Santa Cruz, on the campus of Vintage Faith Church, upstairs in the Children & Youth Building.  The Abbey coffeehouse is right next door, if you’d like to jumpstart your three hours of free time!

Cost:  The $70 cost of each 3-hour workshop includes all supplies; children bring their own snack. LitWits Workshops is an approved vendor for Ocean Grove Charter School.  OG parents, please register online to ensure a seat before requesting a purchase order.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel your registration two weeks or more before the workshop, you’ll have a choice of a refund or a makeup. If you cancel within two weeks of the workshop, you’ll have a makeup coming. There are no refunds or makeups for no-shows. as we’ve already purchased materials and turned away wait-listers.  We hope that makes sense and seems fair! We appreciate your consideration.