StoryWriting the LitWits Way

StoryWriting Camp 2013

Our first three years of StoryWriting camp have been a huge success! Look at all these beautiful kids and their handmade books containing their fabulous stories!  We were so impressed that they followed the narrative arc, and so pleased that they picked up on the tips and tools we embedded in our sensory props, activities, projects, and other fun.

The kids were so proud of their ability to craft a story “like real authors,” setting scenes by showing vs. telling, building tension by focusing on just the right details, creating credible dialogue, and more! We were proud of them too, but what made us VERY HAPPY was their obvious pleasure in writing.

StoryWriting Camp will be back again in 2018!

Beautiful story in process at LitWits StoryWriting Camp 2014 LitWits writer brainstorming...
StoryWriting Camp 2014 - LitWits Workshops
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